Peace Ambassador’s Jasmuheen Insights on Global Health & Hunger

Memes with Peace Ambassador Jasmuheen
Alternate Nourishment for World Health and World Hunger issues

Heart Talk with Jasmuheen on her journey with researching Alternate Nourishment In the below video, Jasmuheen talks from her heart about how she became involved in researching prana as an alternate nourishment source for our world. For other Must See videos on this topic click here ….

Alternate Nourishment Analysis

In this video Jasmuheen looks at changing nutritional patterns in our world -Feeding from the Outside in or the Inside Out or Both! The question now stands … is there another way to feed the growing population of our world? Is there another nutritional resource that we can all access that improves our health and…

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Pranic Living – Multi-lingual video

Is there a solution all global hunger issues? Can we substantially minimize environmental damage? Is there a way to effect good long term resource sustainability? Can people get healthier and can we eliminate most dis-ease on earth? If the above interests you then you may enjoy the below video on some of Peace Ambassador’s Jasmuheen’s…

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Coding Artificial Intelligence