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Welcome to the Embassy of Peace, a space that is dedicated to offering powerful programs for individual and global health, happiness and harmony!

With the Embassy programs integrated into 55 countries, over 20 million people have now found their lives enhanced as the various Ambassadors of Peace that are affiliated with the Embassy offer these programs to their communities.

Embassy Programs have been taught in Universities, in various Government departments, in business, slums and schools in person and also online.

Ambassador of Peace Jasmuheen, has also shared the Embassy programs with various groups within the United Nations in both Vienna and New York.

The first three videos on this page share a few insights regarding our Programs and Focus.

In this website you will find more data about 5 issues

Our Purpose – why we operate and what we can achieve as per the above videos.

Our Programs and Projects – this includes our retreats plus our pragmatic life enhancing programs.

Our Products – research manuals that support the fulfillment of our programs.

Our Partners – Our Affiliates who operate as Ambassadors of Peace & Diplomats of Love plus our additional support teams.

Our Progress – as per our 2020 Update video at this link.


In the below video we share an update our idea of Holistic education.

You may also enjoy a little more data about the Embassy Founder Jasmuheen

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