Our wonderful gatherings!

Please note – due to Covid-19 this gathering will potentially be held in
September – October 2023 – exact dates to be advised.

In this brief video above, Jasmuheen shares about why each retreat is held in various vortices and who is called to affiliate with the Embassy to share their programs either as a living example or as an Ambassador of Peace. The next gathering will be held in Rishikesh India but spaces at the hotel are limited so book soon if this calls you after watching this video and applying what she suggests.

Below are some images of where our retreat will be …


Booking:- to find out more please email Anjie: [email protected]

Is there a Lifestyle that can end all suffering in our world?


Are there Pathways that can deliver permanent peace to our people and our planet?


Is there a program that can bring us into deeper levels of Unity Consciousness individually and collectively?


Come to our Retreat & find out more!

Being An Ambassador of Peace … My guidance as an Ambassador of Peace is to offer assistance and training, to anyone who comes to me, to: – a) gain clarity to help them manifest the Triple Win reality and b) to assist them to download from the infinite field of love the perfect resolutions to all conflict that will create a win-win-win situation; a win for the individual and all others involved in the situation plus a win for the planet as a whole.  We can no longer live in a me-me world focused on personal gain, and greed and ego issues, as the waves in the Matrix – that are now feeding Earth’s evolution – no longer support these old paradigms. Understanding the energy waves in a field, applying Universal Law and working for the good of all allows us all access to great alchemy or forces which can bring lasting change into being.

There are so many different ways that we can direct, or alter the flow of energy, and every one of us does it every moment either consciously or not. For example, we can set up a grid point of radiation that beams out specific signals into the greater field and from this grid point we can venture out into the world to mingle with others and blend our energy fields just by being in each other’s presence. Even as a watcher in silence we are always mixing energy fields and are being affected by them to greater or lesser degrees.

All of this mixes together throughout Gaia’s fields to determine the direction of our future and which dimensions we are magnetized into or move through. Spiritual experiences and realities are dependent completely on the science of magnetics – all of which we can control via will, vision, clarity, intention and lifestyle. – Jasmuheen

Please note you can also come and be with us …

Just to …

Meet some more wonderful like-minded people!
Maybe even make some lifelong friends!
Or just because you love to meditate with others?
Do you enjoy being in energy fields of love, light and wisdom?
Does your system need a cleanse, a reboot, a recalibration and recharge?
Are you open to living a life that is beneficial for our people and our world?
Does the rhythm of health, harmony and happiness appeal to you?
Do you want to do something positive and purposeful and inspirational in life?

If yes then this retreat is for you so email Anjie to find out more now! [email protected]

Are you an Ambassador of Peace? If yes, or you’d like to be, then consider our Affiliates Certification & Training program!

​And we invite you to join our Diplomats of Love and our Ambassadors of Peace for a relaxing, innovative, personally and globally productive experience!

The purpose of the training of the Diplomats of Love & the Ambassadors of Peace is to strengthen the rhythms of health, harmony and peace both individually and globally, for all who are open to experience this.

Affiliates will receive the ability – and all supportive data – to begin to share with their networks 3 inspirational and educational programs that can uplift, heal and transform people’s lives.

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  • Meet & Network with like minded, kind hearted & peace filled people!
  • Be inspired & know how to add to this world in an uplifting & nourishing way so your life is filled with Grace!
  • Add your own wisdom & insights to this wonderful gathering of people who are open to our ONE PEOPLE LIVING IN HARMONY ON ONE PLANET agenda!

A few insights from previous retreats attendees …


All gifts I’ve received in the presence of Jasmuheen and from her teachings can‘t be described in words. Maybe this swan-flower picture can give a little impression to the illuminated doors she let me pass trough her being to myself. Jasmuheen thank you for your infinity, love and beauty – thank you for your light where I feel like a beloved child and a shining star flying in the sky. Miriam – Zurich


Dearest Jasmuheen,

I am Shivangi, from India. I met you at GCSS in Banglore … As promised, I am writing an email after consistently practicing what you taught during your session. I am very very thankful to you. In fact words can not express my gratitude towards you. You helped me to regain my original purpose and real sensations of my life.

When I had come there, I had lots of questions and worries in my heart. But after meeting you, a great transformation took place in my inner core … and everyday after listening to your CD, I try to live 3 virtues throughout the day. This is really a great food for the daily life. I do early morning mediation, hearing your warm and lovely voice is the greatest treasure. I feel lot of positive change in my thoughts and behavior. I have become more happy, relax and peaceful person. I love you from the bottom of my heart.

I wish you all the happiness and success in your life and for your loved ones too. I look forward to meet you again very soon. With deep love and respect, Shivangi


“Just had the most fabulous experience in this Retreat, an experience that enhanced and confirmed a deep feeling that I had had for some time, that our family goes way beyond blood ties and way deeper than this life’s connections…

It was a joy to my soul to have met you wonderful beings and connect heart to heart to my loved ones in kindred spirit. I thank you all for being HERE, on Earth, at these wonderful playing times! Looking forward to see you again and enJOY all together – Hugs of love, Cristiana – Romania”

Supporting the paradigm of health, happiness and harmony on Earth!