Founded on the 07-07-07 our Embassy of Peace is dedicated to co-creating permanent peace in our world via our Programs and Projects which accelerate the being in permanent peace reality for all who are open to this on Earth, when they are ready.

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Below is a fun yet simple video on the energy we are using to achieve this.

The Embassy of Peace Programs are based on the principles of Matrix Mechanics and Interdimensional Energy Field Science both of which apply Universal law and Holistic Education.

These programs and free manuals have been received by Embassy Founder and Ambassador of Peace Jasmuheen. You may enjoy the stories of how they came into being which we offer at our Support Team page.

With the Embassy programs integrated into 55 countries, over 20 million people have now found their lives enhanced as the various Ambassadors of Peace that are affiliated with the Embassy offer these programs to their communities.

Embassy Programs have been taught in Universities, in various Government departments, in business, slums and schools in person and also online.

Ambassador of Peace, Jasmuheen has also shared the Embassy programs with various groups within the united Nations in both Vienna and New York.

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