The Embassy of Peace free manuals

Our free 200 page Embassy of Peace manual can be download at this link 

To make it easier to assimilate all that our Embassy Program offers, we now offer smaller manuals on each program

Personal Harmonization Program for creating and supporting personal health and harmony via attitude and lifestyle shifts. As Gandhi said we need to be the change we wish to see in the world.

Global Harmonization Program which addresses key issues for the manifestation of global health and harmony from the elimination of global health and hunger issues, to resource sustainability, redistribution of the world’s resources and much more!

and also our

Universal Harmonization Program which looks at our position as a planet in a multi-dimensional, multi-universal context where we address E.T.’s, U.F.O.’s, life in other star systems in other dimensions of expression, universal laws and much more.


plus our Upgrade Program – Upgrading our social, educational, environmental and political systems of operation so that every system on earth operates for the highest good of all to support our One People Living in Harmony on One Planet Agenda.


We also have … The Madonna Frequency Planetary Peace Program

The Madonna Frequency Planetary Peace Program – MFPPP – which is available as a free e-book in English and also many other languages yet essentially the programs within the MFPPP allow us to be more pro-active regarding taking care of imbalances in our world.

The Madonna Frequency Planetary Peace Program has 9 specific projects & lifestyle skills that when applied will aid in the creation of a peace filled world by attending to basic human rights.

We know in metaphysics that what we focus on becomes real, for our energy feeds it. If we focus on fear, on war, that becomes our reality but if we shift this focus to “What can we do that is positive and beneficial for all?” then a new reality can begin.

When we are united in focus, being clear and committed, then there’s nothing we can’t achieve, provided we follow a few guidelines and get tuned to the “take care of each other and our environment, and honour Mother Earth” agenda which the Prana Program also helps with.

  • To read & to do … download, read then apply what’s required from our Madonna Frequency Planetary Peace Program free e-book in English (MFPPP). Also available in many other languages.


  • Does living in a healthy, happy, harmonious reality appeal to you?
  • Do you feel inspired to add to this world in a positive and uplifting way?

Download your free Embassy manual now!

Supporting the paradigm of health, happiness and harmony on Earth!