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As part of our keep it simple motto we have now created a new Embassy of Peace playlist featuring videos on our Affiliates Ambassadors of Peace Program and other videos that share the essence of what the Embassy is about and some of our work in the world.

Details about our annual Embassy Retreat and Affiliates Programs

can be found here

Free online training & insights into PRANIC LIVING & PRANIC PEOPLE – eliminating all hungers …

Obviously there is a great need for the redistribution of Global resources through the expansion of the energy of heart-felt compassion plus Holistic education programs that address then break the cycles of poverty, however our research into being Source Fed of being nourished by Prana of Chi also has huge global consequences as people unhook from the need to take external food resources.

To discover more about this aspect of the Pranic People Pranic Living agenda please download and read our manual

The Prana Program at this link

THE PRANA PROGRAM – Effective & Enjoyable Evolution
Everything you need to know about prana. Alternate Energy for the New Millennium, including a Program for eliminating hunger in Third World countries.

Can we eliminate all health and hunger challenges on our planet? Is there a way of satiating everyone’s physical, emotional, mental and spiritual hungers and do it in a way that creates peace and harmony in our world?

After over a decade of experiential research in the field of alternate nourishment utilizing chi or prana – also known as cosmic particles – Jasmuheen as leading researcher in this field, now puts forth a program to do just that. Specializing in Third World countries, THE PRANA PROGRAM book is an encyclopaedia of ‘everything you always wanted to know about prana and more’.

In Question and Answer format this book covers methods of nourishing and hydrating the body using an inner energy source produced in the body to free us from our dependence on world’s food resources and changing the economic status of our world.

Jasmuheen on Source Feeding

In this section you will find all that we recommend regarding Source Feeding. Books to read, meditations to undergo plus our wonderful The Alchemy of Source Feeding online Course!

Link to this manual and all about Source Feeding section

Our next Embassy Retreat – September 2022

Stay tuned for exact dates and more data or make your interest known to Anjie

Email: [email protected]

A Call from the Heart

I love the fact that those who attend our International Embassy of Peace Retreats do so because of a call from their hearts. This always makes for such an interesting mix of loving and dedicated people.

Many know also that we hold these retreats in locations that also call our hearts and so I wait until that call comes. This year the beautiful energy vortex of Rishikesh – the ancient home of the Rishis – has called and so we have booked a small but great energy gathering place at the foothills of the Himalayas where the sacred Ganges river begins to wind its way through India and where its waters are so pure.

We will begin our retreat with a sunrise meditation-puja in an Ancient temple dedicated to Durga the Divine Mother and we will end in a powerful cave of an ancient yogi followed by a sacred rebirth dip in the crystalline Ganga waters.And in between?

We will share again with our Ambassadors of Peace of their journey with our Embassy Programs and also welcome and initiate additional Affiliates of the Embassy plus share the latest planetary evolutionary updates and so much more!

So,tune in, feel what your heart is saying, do you feel that call to come?
If so then please book quickly with Anjie as places truly are limited.

Our gathering hall is small, our hotel rooms limited although you can book
alternate accommodation in the surrounding area if you need to.

Here are the basics – September 2022
Email: [email protected]