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Maria Tereza – Brazil

Name: Maria Tereza Marinho Carneiro da Cunha Email: [email protected] Web-site: www.portalalnilam.com.br Instagram: Portal Alnilam Facebook: Portal Alnilam Youtube: Portal Alnilam Reiki Master, Magnified Healing® Grand Master, All Love Teacher, Floral Therapist.

Maria Tereza Following Jasmuheen since her first visit to Brazil, in 2002. Since then I guide my life according to the new paradigms brought by the Embassy of Peace.

With a background in psycho-sociolinguistics since 1998, my devotion and performance has migrated to working with the energy system, focusing specially on facilitating paths that help me and those who come to me and to remember and go back to living with the consciousness of who we really are, in perfect self-mastery and connection to ourselves and all that is. In close communication with the Realms of Light in different multiverses.

Established in Brasilia-DF- Brazil, I have added (Since 2015) the programs of the Embassy of Peace to the other paths already multiplied by me.

Along with Ana Tereza, Maria Tereza is also the organizer for the Embassy of Peace Training Retreats in Brazil.

Ana Tereza – Brazil

Name: Ana Tereza Permejani Dalprat Close Email: [email protected] Web-Site: www.casadoreikiconsciente.com Instagram: ana_tereza_reiki_consciente Facebook: Casa do Reiki Consciente São José dos Campos                     Ana Tereza e o Reiki Consciente   Reiki Master, Reiki Therapist, Jikiden Reiki Shihan, Magnified Healing® Master, All Love teacher.

Ana Tereza   Living in  São José dos Campos, São Paulo – Brazil. A teacher by academic background, I began my transition to the therapeutic path by studying many techniques, philosophies and methods, including the study of Reiki. From theoretical studies, then practice. So I learned to observe and let sensitivity teach as much as theory. Acting therapeutically and teaching holistic courses and formations, bringing elements from all stages of my journey on the energy path, since 2003 I founded in 2005 the Reiki House (currently the Conscious Reiki House) in São José dos Campos, to promote the reestablishment of balance at all levels and make accessible the knowledge of various pathways for expansion of consciousness and self-mastery.  

After knowing Jasmuheen – first through books and research, then in person in 2006, I became an Ambassador of Peace in 2015 – experiencing and multiplying the Programs of new life paradigms presented by her has since then become a dynamic and natural practice among the paths offered by the Conscious Reiki House.  

Brazil – Denise Lima

The Embassy of Peace in Brazil plus its Active Ambassadors
A Embaixada da Paz no Brasil além de seus Embaixadores ativos

Embaixador da Paz: Denise Lima

Breves informações – Denise Lima é uma Consultora Internacional que atua em diversos países com o tema do Desenvolvimento Sustentável há mais de 25 anos. É Mestre de Reiki e Coach Ontológica e em 2016 iniciou os trabalhos com a Embaixada da Paz oferecendo os Programa 8 Pontos de um Estilo de Vida Prazeroso e 12 Passos para a Paz.

Tem como visão de futuro levar os Programas da Embaixada para um número maior de pessoas, inclusive nas periferias e em ambientes de pouco acesso a informação. Coloca a serviço da Embaixada da Paz sua experiência de coach, de dinamizadora de grupos e de professora de metodologias participativas

 In English … The Embassy of Peace in Brazil plus its Active Ambassadors

Brief Insight:  Denise Lima works as International Consultant on many countries, with the subject of Sustainable Development, for more than 25 years. She is also a Reiki Master and Ontological Coach. On 2016 she began working with the Embassy of Peace offering the program 8 Points of a Luscious Lifestyle and 12 Steps to Peace.

Her vision for the future is to take the Embassy programs for a greater number of people at places of little access to information. With love and gratitude, she offers to the Embassy of Peace her skills of coach  and professor on participatory methodologies.