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Brazil – Elaine Itália Chiocchetta

The Embassy of Peace in Brazil plus its Active Ambassadors
A Embaixada da Paz no Brasil além de seus Embaixadores ativos

brazil-elaineElaine Itália Chiocchetta


Informações: Elaine Itália Chiocchetta

Pedagoga, fisioterapeuta e terapeuta holística há mais de 25 anos, com certificação internacional.

Reside e atende em Santo Amaro da Imperatriz, na Reserva Naturall Morada dos Anjos, local situado nas montanhas catarinenses,  no sul do Brasil, região da grande Florianópolis. Os tratamentos oferecidos na Reserva estão disponíveis no site WWW.reservamoradadosanjos.net

Escolheu viver junto à natureza. Recebe na Reserva, onde reside,  pessoas e grupos interessados em meditação, silêncio, retiros de autoconhecimento, detox e práticas terapêuticas junto a natureza. Estes eventos contam com apoio de colaboradores ligados à Associação Natureza Viva. Uma iniciativa coletiva, eco-comunitária, a serviço da vida em amor e gratidão.

Está conduzindo o programa de Estilo de Vida Prazeroso num curso de extensão junto a Universidade  Federal de Santa Catarina UFSC.


Brief Insight on Elaine Itália Chiocchetta

An educator, physiotherapist and holistic therapist, Elaine has international certification and over 25 years of experience. Elaine chose to live close to nature so she lives and has her practice at the Reserva Naturall Morada dos Anjos, a holistic centre in Santo Amaro da Imperatriz, very close to Florianópolis in the South of Brazil.

The Reserva Naturall Morada dos Anjos is open to people and groups that are interested in meditation, silence, self-knowledge and detox retreats as well as therapeutic practices in nature. These events count with the support of partners connected to the Natureza Viva Association, which is a collective, eco-communitary initiative in the service of life in love and gratitude.

Elaine is currently leading the Lucious Life Style programme as an extra curricular course at the Federal University of Santa Catarina- UFSC.

Insights from Elaine as she shares the LLP course at a local university ….

Saturday, 2016, August 13th was the first day of the LLP training here at the University. Early in the morning I saw the Black Madonna in my bedroom. She was wearing a mantle full of bright lights and the lights were flashing like lights on a Xmas tree. This was a very important vision for me and filled my being with comfort and courage. 

Then I visualized the room where the LLP program was going to take place and I saw Iemanjá, the goddess of the sea. Florianópolis is an island and the university stands very close to the sea. Iemanjá was very present, preparing the place energetically for the course. I also felt Kwan Yin, my guardian, very close to me all the time.

The university professor (who’s helping me organize the training program) came to collect me and I shared the above experiences with her. She was thrilled, felt really blessed and realized the responsibility we had on our hands.

We got to the room for the course and a university professor introduced both the Embassy of Peace and me. I had a strong feeling of acceptance at this moment. This professor is a very special man and he feels that bringing these types of courses to the academic world is his mission.  Just a few days before the first session of the LLP he had promoted a “hands on healing course”. The Angelics have definitely found the correct person for us!

The group of participants was really quiet, calm and receptive. They welcomed the program with openness and curiosity and committed to attend all the 11 meetings.

I felt well and happy during the whole time. I had this feeling of doing the right thing for me at this moment in time – a real feeling of self-realization. I was truly thankful to you, dear Jas, for having given us such a wonderful programme, well-prepared in its minimum details.

I felt the presence of lower vibrations just outside the classroom. These beings seemed to be curious as to what was taking place inside the room and I could sense that there was bubble of protection around our room and therefore they could not get through. They would come into my thoughts and I would just delete the thought. I nearly shared this with the professor, but I decided not to mention it at all. I felt that if I did talk about them, I’d open the door for them to come in. I did not want them there so I did not share the dream with anyone but you and Marcinha. Therefore, I felt safer and realized I had full energectic control of the situation.

During the morning, while I was teaching the LLP, I felt a strong alignment with my sacred mission. I felt I was happy all the time!:} (may it go on like this!!! )

Love and gratitude – Elaine