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Global Update – energy influxes

In this video, Jasmuheen and her Light Being friends share about all the energy influxes that are bombarding our world right now as Gaia and her people continue in their ascension process …. obviously this video and its insights also confirms many people’s intuitive understanding as well as what other channels and visionaries are receiving right now. The ‘we’ word is when the Light Being collective are talking through Jasmuheen. Jasmuheen has been in telepathic communion with many Light Beings since 1987. This was filmed in response to questions from the Star People Channel in Japan at this link in Japanese. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hyxGi…

Getting Well Tuned – July Energy Update – Part 2 – Jasmuheen – video next

This video is the second part of Jasmuheen’s sharing on Global Issues in 2021 – part 1 is Current Global Energy Influx Update above.

Our 2017 Tour

Our next Embassy of Peace Retreats & complete 2017 Tour Schedule

Big thanks to all who have been emailing in asking for details regarding our next Embassy of Peace Retreat and also asking for my tour schedule for this 2017 year!

We can finally provide this here now!

Our 2017 theme …

“Resets, I, Essence” – “enjoying life as a fully awakened being, who is free from all human hungers.”

Jasmuheen’s 2017 events will be

  • Darkroom – Tao Garden’s Thailand – 8th March – 13th April 2016 – one for International, 2 for Chinese speaking people
  • China – Hangzhou – Embassy of Peace Retreat 24th – 28th June 2017 then 5 days in Tibet for retreat attendees only – 1st – 5th July – Organizer – internationals email Anjie – [email protected] – Chinese Organizer – email Wu Ling [email protected]
  • Japan – 8th – 11th July 2017 – Level 1 & Level 2 – 4 days workshop in Tokyo – Organizer:- Rina, Natural Spirit Inc.Workshop Department – TEL. 03-6450-5498 FAX. 03-6427-2498 – click here for more
    E-mail: [email protected]
  • China – 8th-14th September 2017 – Wise Women’s Work – Sacred Art Retreat – women only – Chinese Organizer – email Wu Ling [email protected]
  • India – GCSS, 29th September – 2nd October 2017 – Pyramid Valley Bengaluru India
  • Taiwan – 7th – 10th October 2017 – Organizer – David – email [email protected]
  • Brazil – November 2017
  • 6th November Evening Event – mini workshop in Rio de Janeiro
  • 8th November Evening event – mini workshop in São Paulo
  • 11-12th November – Level 1 of Essence Ocean Program, then
    13-14th November – Level 2 – Resets, I Essence Program
  • Level 1 & Level 2 are both at São Jose dos Campos (outside of São Paulo) – 4 day event.
  • Organizers:- Rio de Janeiro & Sao Jose – Sandra Garabedian Phone +55 21 3410-0716, Mobile +55 21 98663-2231, email – [email protected]; São Paulo – Cida Severini Phone +55 11 2295-5801, Mobile: +55 11 98275 6396 – email – [email protected]m and [email protected]m
  • 16th – 20th November – Embassy of Peace Retreat – 5 day retreat in Brasilia – organizer Maria Tereza Cunha; Tel +5561981488855; Email: [email protected]p[email protected] – web site: www.portalalnilam.com.br
  • for our internationals, to book your space email Anjie – [email protected]

Are you in need of an energy boost?

Do you feel you need to come back more to your true nature?

Are you wanting to meet more like minded people who are kind hearted
and open to living in a peace-filled state of being?

Do you wish to add your own wonderful energies to
positive and inspirational gatherings?

Then think about coming to one of our many retreats!