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Global Viruses

Below you will find 2 videos that look at the rise of various viruses in our world and how to effectively, personally deal with this issue.

VIDEO 1 – Love or Fear and Global Viruses with Jasmuheen

This video insight above, is about keeping it simple – please note that a more in-depth video – that addresses physical, emotional, mental viruses and what we can do to stay strong and healthy via holistic education – is coming soon! In this video Jasmuheen shares about the various viruses arising in our world – from the Coronavirus to others still to come and how to keep the immune system strong. She also talks about dying and suggests you watch her previous videos on death and dying and when she herself, died and what she learnt and experienced.

These can be found at the link below. The Inspiring Real Life stories playlist is at this link – The fear of death is such a big issue for many still on Earth which is why we share these few stories on this topic.

VIDEO 2 – Being Healthy Despite Global Viruses with Jasmuheen

In part 2, above, Jasmuheen looks at some of the solutions people have adopted to dealing with various viruses and also looks at emotional and mental viruses that also weaken the physical system.

Filmed for the Embassy of Peace World Affairs playlist.