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CYPRUS – Embassy of Peace

The Embassy of Peace in Cyprus plus its active Ambassadors
Η Πρεσβεία της Ειρήνης στην Κύπρος συν τους πρεσβευτές μας,

Mikaela Soham Saccidānanda

Contact Mikaela:
t: +357 22767776  *  m: +357 99671187
FaceBook: Mikaela Soham  
*  skype: mikatingi
e: [email protected]  *  [email protected]
web:  www.serenitycyprus.com

Reconnective Healing Practitioner & The Reconnection Facilitator at Reconnection Portal – Heal Yourself . . Reconnect Your Life, Ambassador of Peace * Cyprus Affiliate at The Embassy of Peace and Holistic Health Practitioner, Soul Coach & Energy Alchemist / Owner at Serenity House ~ Wellness center & cOmUnity