Peace Ambassador’s Jasmuheen Insights on Global Health & Hunger

Global Harmonization

Global harmonization is a natural follow on when people become personally harmonized and you can enjoy more about our personal harmonization program at this link where you will also find our two personal programs – The Luscious Lifestyles Program plus the 12 Pathways of Peace. At the Embassy of Peace, our Global Harmonization programs offers…

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Personal Harmonization

Our ability to live a healthy, happy and balanced life is dependent on our personal frequency or what we call our keynote, for what we radiate is what we tend to attract. The main program we offer at the Embassy to achieve this state of personal harmony is our powerful 8 point Luscious Lifestyle Program…

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Being Healthy Despite Global Viruses

This video follows on from “Love or Fear & Global Viruses” at this link In part 2 below, Jasmuheen looks at some of the solutions people have adopted to dealing with various viruses and also looks at emotional and mental viruses that also weaken the physical system. Filmed for the Embassy of Peace World Affairs…

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World Health and Hunger

In this brief video below, Jasmuheen answers the important question regarding how the pranic nourishment research and reality is being applied by the Embassy of Peace to world hunger issues and the redistribution of resources. To find out more on this, please download and read the following manual. To watch more insightful videos on this…

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Source Feeding video insight

An insightful brief look at Source Feeding with Ambassador of Peace Jasmuheen. A world health, world hunger project for the EMBASSY OF PEACE

The Human Sandwich – these Times of Great Change and How to Handle it all – Jasmuheen

In this brief and fun imaged video Jasmuheen shares of the current 4 level squeeze that is creating the human sandwich effect as we continue to move through the initial stages of this 6th and final Golden Age on Earth. For some it is a time of rapture and for others a time of great…

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Gatherings of Love, Wisdom & Power – Jasmuheen on Tour 2019

Jasmuheen talking about the power of gatherings around the world where the energy of love, wisdom and power can nourish all who come as well as cities, countries and the planet itself. If you would like to be a part of these gatherings, please see


Embassy of Peace Event Pranic Living in Shenzhen China 洁丝慕音老师深圳工作坊精彩回顾 Jasmuheen in Shenzhen China November 2015 每次都感觉洁丝慕音老师的工作坊时间过得好快,她满满的爱和能量滋养着每位现场的朋友。她总是说,我们不要再玩老师和学生的游戏,她只是把她过去四十多年的研究、探索、体验并实际做到的,行出来的分享给更多的朋友,让世界更和谐。地球提升的速度取决于所有人意识提升的速度,未来已经在那里。洁丝老师被神圣的爱滋养,从来都不会觉得累,总是精力充沛,课间休息也在耐心地回答大家的问题,她就是这样孜孜不倦做着无私的服务。同时我们还要感谢把洁丝老师引入中国的吴玲。❤ 参加工作坊的几位朋友的感悟和分享首先要感谢把洁丝慕音课程信息介绍给我的喜悦学员,我上过一些高端高学费灵性课程,花了很多钱,但总是感受不是那么太舒服,最不舒服的感受是对金钱的抓取。还有没有解决根本问题。这个根本问题在来到洁丝慕音老师课程上被揭示出来,就是我们人类一切问题都是来自饥饿感,这个饥饿不仅是指身体需要食物的饥饿,还有情绪的饥饿,情感的饥饿等,让我豁然开朗,要彻底终止人类受苦就得终止我们的各种层面的饥饿感,课程不只讲到普拉纳食气,很多分享信息都是来自与高频能量智慧的连结,在这位导师身上我感受到她非常慈悲的能量,还有她的正直和总是尽量给学员更多,以及她的奉献服务精神,三天课程上几乎没有休息当然也不吃任何食物不喝水,却精力充沛,能量十足!她的整个存在就是个奇迹的展现!她对世界人类的真切关怀,真实纯真无私,她在开悟的本质上,直指用我们每个人内在佛性来彼此链接。她的翻译吴玲是我见过最美的翻译!她身上具备和老师一样的慈悲和平易近人的特质。我感受到整个能量场非常祥和。还有老师讲到八点生活方式正是我想要的,感觉很棒,这是一次真正享受的课程! 要了解更多 ——张花玉(福建漳州)